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"Rice portrays life’s hardships with an elegance and simplicity of language which is stunning.”


                                                       -     Canadian Authors Association Award Poetry Judges, (Daniel)



“Rice is a poet of potent and unexpected thought, who inhabits the level of consciousness beneath the surfaces of things.”

                                                         -     Prairie Fire (The Illustrated Statue of Liberty)



“This manuscript offers strongly crafted and attentive writing. Though very much a document of the "local", the poems move well beyond the anecdotal into a lyricism and an imagery of place and biotext that is both familiar and singular. The voice in these poems feels natural, always with a tone of reflection underneath the sharp perceptions.”

                                                          -     Fred Wah (John V. Hicks Manuscript Award, Life in the Canopy)



"Rice is a master."

                                                           -     Judges, Saskatchewan Book of the Year (Life in the Canopy - shortlisted)




"There’s a sweep and beauty to Bruce Rice’s work; he isn’t afraid to gush, though he never lets a poem get too far beyond him. There’s something haunting that feels like years in the making. He is a master of light: it’s as if every poem is a new way of seeing."

                                                           -     Judges, 2015 Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry (The Trouble With Beauty)

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