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The Vivian Poems

Poems inspired by the life and photography of Vivian Maier.

These poems peel back the layers of suburban life and the American Dream. Vivian Maier was a self-taught street photographer who was born to an immigrant family in New York, and later worked as a nanny for well-to-do families in Chicago. Vivian was a  documentarian of her place and time. She can be compassionate, abrasive, and meditative. Her subjects tell their own stories. More than anything, the poems are a response to her work, which is all we have that comes directly from her. It is a deliberate challenge to the “mystery nanny” she is reduced to in much of the constructed narrative of her life.

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Bruce Rice a traveler. Whether he's tracing the forest roads he knew as a kid, on a Nova Scotia shore, or on the prairies where he lives now, he's drawn to the farthest edges of a place.  His characters live in the world and tell their own stories with an elegance and simplicity of language which is stunning. Writing from art or the land itself, he has been called "a master of light."

 Writing and Images© Bruce Rice 2024
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